Board and Train

In our Board and Train program, your dog will stay at our training facility while being trained by our professionally certified trainers. In-board training offers consistency during the hardest parts of training – the result is lower-stress learning and a more consistent end result.

Our Courses

Depending on your goals and the dog’s needs, we have 3 training plans that you can choose from:


Course-Plan​2 Week4 Week6 Week
Course NameOn-leash foundations courseFoundation course + Off leash recallUltimate training package
Manners : We will fix everyday problems such as pulling on walks, jumping on people, bolting through doors, etc.
Heeling: your dog will heel by your side and automatically sit when you stopOn-leashOn-leashOn-leash
Sit / Down
Down stay – your dog will stay at the location15 minutes down stay15 minutes down stay30 minutes down stay
Place – your dog will stay a targeted place15 minutes15 minutes place30 minutes place
Come when called (off leash)
Offsite TrainingYes – your dog will go with us to different places (stores, outdoor etc) so that their training can be reinforced in different environments
Initial Consultation
Private Handover Session
Guaranteed Lifetime Follow-Up Lessons


Our Board and Train programs generally begin every other Saturday, but we are more than happy to work around your schedule if needed.