Day Training

In our Day Training program, your dog will train at our facility with our professionally certified trainers and go home with you every night. In this program, your dog will receive training with a variety of distractions, and socialization with dogs and people. Our Day Training program is designed for owners who want to drop off their dog while they work and pick them up to be home every night. This is our most cost-effective option.

Our Courses

Depending on your goals and the dog’s needs, we have 3 training plans that you can choose from:


Course-Plan2 Week4 Week6 Week
Course NameOn-leash foundations courseFoundation course + Off leash recallUltimate training package with off leash proofing through multiple scenarios and environments
Manners : We will fix everyday problems such as pulling on walks, jumping on people, bolting through doors, etc.
Heeling: Your dog will heel by your side and automatically sit when you stopOn-leashOn-leashOn-leash
Sit / Down
Down stay – you dog will stay at the location15 minutes down stay15 minutes down stay30 minutes down stay
Place – your dog will stay at a targeted place15 minutes place15 minutes place30 minutes place
Come when called (off leash)Not includedOff leash recallOff leash recall
Initial Consultation
Private Handover Session
Guaranteed Lifetime Follow-Up Lessons


Our Day Training Programs run Monday – Friday.
DROP OFF : 7-8:30 AM
PICK UP : 5-6 PM
In Stateline Canine, we make sure our clients get FREE CONSULTS!


This is our foundation training course. At the end of this course your dog will do the following on leash, even under distraction

  • Sit
  • Down
  • Sit Stay
  • Down Stay (minimum of 15 minutes)
  • PLACE (minimum of 15 minutes)
  • Come when called
  • HEEL at your side, sitting automatically when you stop

It’s designed to go beyond just the commands but will also teach how to use them to work on everyday problem behaviors such as pulling, bolting through doors, begging, and jumping on people