Janet and Shawn have a wealth of experience with Police K9 training as well as sourcing green and started green dogs. We are licensed with the ATF and DEA.


Shawn began his experience in the
Air Force MWD program as a
K9 handler and then joined
Baltimore City Police Department
where he handled multiple K9s
and ran the unit’s
training program.


Janet gained her initial experience as
the Head Trainer at Tarheel Canine Training in North Carolina, preparing hundreds of K9s for the street, teaching handler courses, running certifications and teaching seminars. This training has continued after moving to Pennsylvania and starting Stateline Canine.

Our Areas of Expertise



K9 training in suspect
and handler protection.

Explosive Detection

K9 trained in the detection of
explosive odors of Nitrates, Chlorates, PETN, RDX, TNT, and more.

narcotics detection

Narcotics Detection

K9 trained in the detection of Cocaine, Heroin, Methamphetamines, with the option of adding Marijuana.

human remains

Human Remains Detection

Detection of Human Remains
odor in an
urban to wilderness setting.



Scent discrimination
tracking using
a combination
of ground disturbance
and human odor.


Handler / In Service Training

Training an officer/handler with a K9, including a team certification. Also offering maintenance training for current K9 teams to meet department and/or state standards.

Past Trainees

Scranton Police
Baltimore Police Department


“They did an amazing job with my dog! Couldn’t be happier with the results. Hands down everyone there takes such good care of the dogs and I cant thank everyone enough for all your help! Would highly recommend!”

Zachary B.

Stateline Canine did a great job obedience training my 6-month old Bedlington Terrier puppy. Their training agenda was organized and included a session with me each week so that I could practice at home. The staff is very friendly, helpful and professional. I love walking with my dog now. He stays right by my side and sits immediately when I stop. He comes readily and reliably when I call him.

Karen M.

I sent my pup back to school for an additional two week session for off leash recall and refreshers for other behaviors. Mykala Mantz did a fantastic job! She understood the problem and did the required behavioral adjustments to achieve the desired outcomes. Katy is like a different pup when it comes to control!

Charles H.

Stateline is nothing short of amazing. They are the best training facility. Ryder took to Makyala (I hope I spelled her name correctly) so effortlessly and my fiancé and I have a completely different/improved RyderBoy. We are so happy!! I will continue to recommend them to anyone!!!

Noelle R.

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