Surviving the Holidays with Your Furry Friend

Surviving the Holidays with Your Furry Friend

The holiday season is a time of joy, celebration, and togetherness, and for many of us, that includes our beloved furry companions. While we revel in the festive spirit, our pets often share in the excitement, but they can also experience stress and anxiety due to the many changes in routine and environment. To ensure a harmonious holiday season, it’s essential to take some thoughtful steps to make your dog’s experience enjoyable and safe. In this article, we’ll explore some practical tips for surviving the holidays with your dog.

Maintain Routine and Exercise

One of the most significant challenges during the holidays is the disruption of your dog’s daily routine. From irregular meal times to unfamiliar guests and loud parties, the holidays can be overwhelming for your furry friend. To alleviate this stress, make an effort to maintain your dog’s regular schedule as closely as possible. Continue with daily walks and playtime to help your pup burn off excess energy and reduce anxiety. This consistency will provide comfort and stability to your dog during a hectic time.

Pet-Friendly Decorations

The holiday season is synonymous with beautiful decorations, and while they create a festive atmosphere, some of them can pose hazards to your dog. Keep in mind that ornaments, tinsel, and twinkling lights may be tempting for your pet but can be dangerous if ingested. Use pet-friendly decorations that are less likely to shatter, and avoid hanging ornaments at your dog’s eye level. Secure cords and wires out of reach to prevent chewing.

Dog-Safe Treats

Delicious holiday treats are an integral part of the festive season, but not all human food is safe for dogs. Keep an eye on your pup to ensure they don’t sneak any unattended snacks that could be harmful. Consider offering your dog some healthy and safe holiday treats. You can find recipes for homemade dog-friendly snacks online, or check with your local pet store for special holiday-themed treats.

Safe Space

Designate a quiet and safe space for your dog to retreat to when the holiday hustle and bustle becomes too much. A familiar crate or a cozy corner with your pup’s bed and toys will provide a comforting sanctuary where they can relax and feel secure. Encourage family and guests to respect your dog’s need for downtime in their safe space.


During gatherings, ensure that your dog is supervised, especially around young children who might not be accustomed to interacting with pets. Not all dogs are comfortable with sudden movements, loud voices, or being approached by strangers. Keep an eye on your dog’s body language and step in if you notice signs of stress or discomfort.

Update ID and Microchip Information

With the increased flow of guests in and out of your home, there is a higher risk of doors being accidentally left open. Make sure your dog’s identification tags and microchip information are up to date to improve the chances of a safe return if they get lost.

Surviving the holidays with your dog can be a delightful experience if you plan ahead and prioritize their well-being. By maintaining their routine, using pet-friendly decorations, providing safe treats, creating a safe space, supervising interactions, and updating their identification information, you can ensure your furry friend enjoys the holiday season as much as you do. Remember, a little extra care and attention can make all the difference in creating a joyous and safe holiday season for both you and your beloved canine companion.